University of Tartu Language Center Is Calling For Participants


Welcome to the Estonian Summer Courses organised by the University of Tartu Language Centre!

The courses are taught on the basis of English and they are divided into 4 different modules according to language levels.

14 – 25 July 2014
Module I. Beginners I, level 0 > A1 (4,5 ECTS)

28 July – 8 August 2014

Module II. Beginners II, level A1 > A2 (4,5 ECTS)
Module III. Pre-intermediate course, level A2 > B1 (4,5 ECTS)
Module IV. Intermediate course, level B1 > B2 (4,5 ECTS)

The students are divided into modules II, III and IV on the basis of the results of a short discussion that takes place on the first day.

Language lessons take place in the mornings and afternoons. After that we visit museums, watch Estonian films and participate in exciting workshops.

The price of each module is 430 EUR. Students who participate in two consecutive modules (beginners I and II) get a 5 % discount.

A more detailed description of the course schedules and descriptions, the registration process and accommodation can be found on the UT Language Centre’s homepage: